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Musicstyles & Sound Expansions for your Keyboard or Organ in our Onlineshop.
Read anything about the Details of the Style Collections here:

The 5000 Musicstyles Collection!*
In this Collection you will find Styles from every Dance and Sound in the World, sorted in 100 Categories.
Although there are more than 400 songlike Styles included.
*(a few Roland-Instruments have included 4500 up to 4950 Styles)
More Details you can find at the Style Packages in the Shop.
For the List of the Songs click here
For the Complete 5000 Style List as pdf click here

The 3000 NEW Musicstyles Collection!
In this Collection you will find 1600 songlike Styles. And also there are 1400 other Musicstyles included from many Styles all over the World.
More Details you can find at the Style Packages in the Shop.
For the Complete 3000 Style List as pdf click here

The 8000 COMPLETE Musicstyles Collection! (at Roland 7500 up to 7950 Styles)
The 8000 Complete Musicstyles Collection includes the 3000 and 5000 Musicstyles Collection, but not the 436 (400) Precision Musicstyles Collection.

436 (400) PRECISION Songstyles for Yamaha, Roland & Ketron Instruments!
In this Special Package included are 436 (or 400) songlike Musicstyles precisely performed in a Class of its own. With these Musicstyles you can play many Titles from the 60s up to now.
But although the Musicstyles can update your own Compositions.
For the Title List click here

The 9900 ULTIMATE Musicstyles Collection! (at Ketron 9000 and at Roland 6800 Styles)
The 9900 Ultimate Musicstyles Collection includes many Styles programmed in many Variations.
If you choose, as an example, a Pop-Style, you get 2-4 lightly different styles with up to 16 Variations.
If you play the ULTIMATE Collection with a Yamaha Keyboard you also will have OTS-Sounds! That is great!!
Also included are special Vintage Styles for playing the 60s up to the 80s.

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For allways new Style-Videos and Tipps & Tricks visit our Youtube-Channel

After your Order and Payment you will get your Musicstyles as a Download File inbetween 24 Hours, sent to your Email Adress.
Alternatively you can Order the Styles on an USB-Stick or a SD-Card.

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